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Our Pest Control Services

Are you tired of being bugged by annoying pests? Since we opened our doors nearly 50 years ago, we have been eliminating nuisances and providing peace of mind for all our customers whether they live in East Meadow, Levittown, or Merrick. Don't let pests take over your home any longer. Check out our services below and see how A&C Pest Management can help you!

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Couple on the couch together reading a book.

Pest Control

Are pests making you uncomfortable in your own home? Trust our Long Island experts to eliminate threats and keep them out of your home for good!Learn more
termite infestation

Termite Control

Termite damage causes hundreds of millions of dollars in-home repairs each year. Save your home from costly damage with our preventative & reactive services!Learn more
Couple laying in bed together laughing.

Bed Bug Treatment

If bed bugs are disrupting your sleep, there's no time to waste! A&C Pest Management's treatments will restore your peace of mind quickly and effectively.Learn more
Mother holding up her daughter by a tree in the backyard.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance – they can be a danger to your family’s health. We provide reliable organic control solutions so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard in peace.Learn more
Rat on wood floors inside a home.

Rodent Control

New York is consistently ranked among the top cities for rodent infestations in the country. Get rid of rodents for good with our professional control services!Learn more
Raccoon on a branch in a bush.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife in New York is difficult to get rid of on your own. When you need professional wildlife removal services, A&C Pest Management is here for you.Learn more
Couple happily enjoying dinner together in their ant-free kitchen thanks to A&C Pest Management.

Ant Control

Ants are common in homes throughout New York all year long. Get the relief from pesky ants you need!Learn more