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Stop Ants in Their Tracks

Ants belong outside, not in your house! Whether they’ve invaded your kitchen or bathroom, A&C Pest Management can help. Ants are no match for our exterminators and our mission is to give you the ant-free home you deserve. 


Ant Control in Long Island

Couple happily enjoying dinner together in their ant-free kitchen.

Dealing with an ant infestation can be frustrating and time-consuming. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, they just keep coming back. At A&C Pest Management, we offer professional ant control that fully eliminates ants, giving you the peace of mind that you need with one of our Peace of Mind programs! We rid your home of a variety of ants, including:

  • Odorous House Ants

  • Pavement Ants

  • Carpenter Ants

  • Acrobat Ants

  • Pharaoh Ants

  • And more!



Benefits of Recurring Services from A&C Pest

What makes our ant control so effective? Recurring services! Regular treatments are the key to keeping your home ant-free for good. This allows for ultimate protection and helps create a strong barrier around your home as an added layer of protection. Ants don’t stand a chance against A&C Pest Management. Ant control is included in each of our service plans below:

Eco-Friendly Ant Treatments

At A&C Pest Management, we understand that no two ant infestations are the same. We offer customized ant control treatments in Long Island so your home can be treated exactly how it needs to be. 

When you partner with us for ant control services, we will:

  • Quickly schedule your service. Our customer service team is dedicated to making your experience stress-free, from beginning to end.

  • Thoroughly inspect your home. Our pest control professionals will search high and low for ant entryways, sources of food and water, and other signs of pest activity.

  • Create a custom service plan. Our treatments are specifically designed to get rid of ants based on the needs of your home and family.

  • Use environmentally-sensitive treatment methods. We strive to be responsible by only utilizing treatments that are kind to the environment.

  • Implement recurring visits. Ants are tricky to exterminate, so the best way to make sure they’re fully eliminated is by treating them on a regular basis.

  • Give you peace of mind. You can rest assured that A&C Pest Management will effectively get rid of all your ants - and keep them gone, too.

Have more questions about our services? Our customer service representatives are here and ready to help! Just give us a call today at [ponhe-number] for more information! 


Our Team Knows Ants

There are tons of different species of ants that make Long Island home. Each species brings its own challenges in treating an infestation, but with an on-staff entomologist and highly trained exterminators, that’s not a problem for A&C Pest Management! 

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants, otherwise known as sugar ants, are a growing problem in the New York area. While incredibly tiny, they can cause a big problem if left untreated in your home. These insects enter homes in search of food, preferring meats and sweets, and love to make their home inside your pantry or cupboards. 

When they invade your home, they have a tendency to contaminate food products and can emit a strong, rotten smell when crushed. The most likely sign of a sugar ant infestation is the sight of their foraging worker ants and the occasional winged swarmer.

If your home has a sugar ant infestation, do not attempt to perform DIY treatments. A trained exterminator should be called in because DIY treatments can splinter the colony, creating new ones and making the infestation harder to solve.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants, like odorous house ants, are also very small. But, their bodies are light yellow with red and black markings rather than being dark brown or black. Pharoah ants like to enter homes to feast on crumbs, spills, moisture, and take advantage of the protective habitat. 

They will typically find a way into your home through torn window screens, doors that are poorly sealed, windows without weather stripping, and other entryways. 

Just like with odorous house ants, DIY treatments can drive these ants further into your home making the infestation harder to get rid of. Our exterminators are trained to help manage Pharaoh Ants and design a customized treatment plan for your needs. 

Carpenter Ants

Seeing signs of Carpenter ants? Then you need A&C Pest Management today!

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50 Years of Treating Ants in Homes Like Yours

A&C Pest Management was founded in Long Island in 1969. For three generations the Skinner family has been providing effective pest control services to our New York neighbors. As a local family business, each of our customers means a lot to us, so we are dedicated to providing the best experience possible to each and every person we encounter. 


With almost 50 years of experience under our belts, we know each and every pest that calls the Long Island area home. More importantly, we know exactly how to eliminate them, too. When you choose us as your trusted pest control company, you’re choosing a team of local experts that know the pests in our area better than anyone else.

Get Fast Results with Same-Day Service

When you have an ant infestation, time is of the essence. When you see one ant, you can almost always guarantee there's a miniature army marching behind him. When it comes to ant control, you need a pest company that works faster than they do. That’s why we are proud to offer same-day pest control services! 

Our same-day service is available in our entire service area, including:

Don't see your neighborhood listed? Give us a call today at 516-683-8376 to see if we can service your home!

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