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At A&C Pest Management, we’ve been providing the best rodent control in Long Island for nearly five decades! We’re committed to restoring your comfort by eliminating rats and mice in your home and even offer same-day services for your protection.

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Rodent Control in Long Island

Rat on wood floors inside a home.

Here in Long Island, the most common rodents are the Norway rat and the House mouse. Spotting an invader in your home can be a dead giveaway, but if your uninvited guests are  discreet, all you’ll have to go on are signs in your home that indicate an infestation:

  • Droppings or a urine odor left wherever rodents travel or rest, especially in cabinets, closets, and corners.
  • Damaged materials like torn-up cardboard or shredded insulation used for nesting.
  • Dark smears or rub marks left on surfaces, caused by the oil from the rodent’s hair.
  • Gnaw marks on wood, wallboard, or other surfaces.
  • Cats or dogs becoming agitated because they hear gnawing, digging, running, or fighting.

No matter which type of rodent you’re facing, you can rest assured that A&C Pest Management will take care of it! Since 1969, we’ve been providing relief to Long Island homeowners; kicking rats and mice to the curb and preventing them from being able to access your home again.  

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Customized Treatment Plans to Meet Your Needs

Determining the most effective removal strategy depends on the size, location, and severity of your infestation, and each individual home presents unique challenges that may make rodent removal more difficult.

At A&C Pest Management, we begin our process with a thorough inspection, investigating your home to understand where rodents are hiding in your home and how they’re getting in. Then we’ll craft a custom treatment plan, utilizing a variety of control methods including:

  • Baiting – Tamper Resistant Bait Stations are utilized to attract mice. Bait is secured within the station and the station is then secured to the ground. You can trust that all bait is placed in areas inaccessible to your children or pets, ensuring that they will not contact any materials.
  • Trapping – Glue Boards and mechanical or snap traps can also be utilized depending on the situation. All traps will be placed with safety in mind first. Your health and well-being are important to us.
  • Exclusion – For an additional fee, our team will seal holes and entry points where rodents may be entering your home to prevent them from getting in the future.

Our Rodent Control Packages

peace of mind plus pest control package

Peace of Mind Plus

This recurring plan keeps your home and family safe from common pests, rodents, PLUS offers complete protection from termites.Learn More

peace of mind pest control package

Peace of Mind

Our basic recurring pest program, keeping your home safe from pests like spiders, ants, stinging insects, PLUS protection from rodents.Learn More

peace of mind premiere pest control package

Peace of Mind Premiere

Our most comprehensive plan offers protection from common pests, rodents, termites, PLUS keeps your lawn mosquito-free.Learn More

Recurring Services for Lasting Results

The easiest way to stop a rodent infestation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place! Preventative measures deter rats and mice, keeping them where they belong – outside your home.  

Luckily, A&C Pest Management offers recurring rodent control services as a part of each of our three complete pest control packages. This means you’ll get ongoing protection to identify potential entry points to your home, and fast relief if rodents do find a way in! If you spot rodents or the signs of an infestation between regularly scheduled appointments, give us a call and we’ll send someone out at no cost to you.

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Rodent Control Industry Pioneers

No matter which rodent control tactics we recommend, our team always puts the health and comfort of your family first. In fact, we’ve made it a part of the way we do business here at A&C Pest Management.

We pioneered the use of NESDCA Rodent K9 in Long Island (in fact, we were the first in the country to use canines for rodents!) to reduce the use of rodenticide, using dogs to locate rodents with more accuracy than humanly possible. We’re also committed to upholding Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards, meaning we’ll use baits and traps before we resort to the use of chemicals. Your well-being is always the top priority.

Protecting Your Family For Over 50 Years

We’ve been helping Long Island homeowners just like you to rid their homes of rats and mice for more than 50 years. We’ve staked our reputation on our outstanding results, and even better customer service whether you live in East Meadow, Levittown, Merrick, or anywhere else in Long Island.

When you call on A&C Pest Management for rodent control, we promise to deliver the very best care, treating your family with the same respect and attention to detail that we’d show our own.

You Shouldn't Have to Share Your Space with Rodents.

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