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Save $100 on Our Chemical-Free Bed Bug Treatments

Here at A&C Pest Management, we offer a chemical-free option for bed bug removal so your family can rest peacefully from bed bugs and unnecessary chemicals. Now, when you sign up, you can save $100 on your treatment. With discreet vehicles for your privacy and same-day treatments available, A&C is your best choice for Long Island bed bug treatments!

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Bed Bug Treatments in Long Island

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Bed bugs are on the rise across North America, and the greater New York City area is regularly ranked in the top ten worst cities for bed bugs. These pests are more than just a nighttime nuisance – their bites are itchy and can cause skin infections, making you uncomfortable around the clock.

At A&C Pest Management, we’ve been helping homeowners in Long Island exterminate bed bugs for nearly 5 decades – and we can exterminate your bed bugs too.

$100 off Our Bed Bug Treatments

A&C Pest Management is the leader in bed bug treatments in our area. As the first company in Long Island to start using chemical-free treatments and same-day treatment scheduling, you know you’re working with the best. Now, when you sign up for your treatment, you can save $100. That’s just one more way A&C is committed to protecting you, your family, and your wallet from pests.

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Thorough K9 Inspections & Customized Treatments

At A&C Pest Management we offer unique bed bug treatments that are tailored to fit your needs in East Meadow, Levittown, Merrick, and more. No two homes are the same, so we believe that no two bed bug treatments should be the same either. While each treatment differs from the last, you can always expect to receive the following service from us:

  • Same day bed bug treatment scheduling for fast relief. We know that when bed bugs are involved, you need a team that takes it just as seriously as you do.
  • Outstanding service from our customer service team. We’ve designed all of our pest services to be easy for you, from beginning to end.
  • A thorough inspection performed by a K9 certified team that utilizes highly-trained dogs for expert bed bug detection – ensuring no bed bug is left behind.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Long Island

At A&C Pest Management, we were the first company on Long Island to use heat treatment for the effective extermination of bed bugs and other pests, starting back in 2009. While a few of our competitors eventually followed suit a few years ago, you simply can’t beat our years of unmatched experience offering the most effective heat treatment in the area. A&C Pest Management has more equipment than all other bed bug heat treatment companies combined, and our treatments are the most comprehensive, too! While the other guys heat just the bedrooms, our team heats your entire home, helping ensure complete bed bug extermination. When it comes to bed bug treatments in Long Island, no one has the experience that we do!

The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Just a couple bed bug eggs left behind could be the start of another infestation! Our bed bug heat treatment: 

  • Guarantees complete elimination of bed bugs
  • Is more effective control than chemical treatment options
  • Is risk-free for your family, pets, and furniture in affected rooms. 
  • Requires minimal preparation when compared to chemical treatments, relieving some stress for you and your family.

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We take your health and the protection of your home very seriously, so our experts are regularly trained on how to use the latest thermal equipment, carefully place heating units and fans throughout the structure to reach every corner. We use electronic monitoring to raise the temperature of your home, killing every bed bug in even the tiniest cracks and crevices of your home.

After your thorough bed bug heat treatment, we bring our K9 teams in to verify eradication – so you’ll know your bed bug problem is gone for good. Bed bug heat treatments have proven their effectiveness over and over, including these university studies:

Discreet Treatments and Same-Day Service

Don’t get taken in by DIY bed bug treatments or a pest control company that isn’t willing to guarantee their work. Settling for the “cheapest option” often means having to pay once to get the job done, and then a second time to get the job done right. We even deploy unmarked trucks for discreet treatment!

A&C Pest Management not only guarantees our professional bed bug control services – but we also offer:

  • A free, no-obligation estimate
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing your bed bug problem has been eliminated completely by the exterminators A&C Pest Management.
  • The most effective bed bug heat treatment in Long Island

We’ve been delivering our proven bed bug solutions in Long Island for decades, and in that time we’ve developed a reputation as the best pest control company in the area.

If bed bugs have made themselves right at home in your home, it’s time to call the professional bed bug exterminator at A&C Pest Management. We’ll eliminate your bed bug problem quickly and completely, so you can hit the pillow knowing your home is bed bug-free.

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