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Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Long Island, New York

To remove pests like bed bugs, heat treatment (or “thermal remediation”) is a unique environmentally sound process that works! A&C Pest Management has years of unmatched experience being the first company on Long Island to use heat treatment for effective bed bug control. A&C Pest has the latest thermal equipment and trained experienced crews that carefully place heating units and fans throughout the structure to reach every corner. The affected area is electronically monitored so the precise temperature is reached and maintained for a specific time period. A&C has perfected the use of bed bug heat treatment.

A&C Pest Management uses incredibly effective heat treatments for the treatment of stored product pests and for bed bugs.

Heat treatment AKA thermal remediation was developed using heat as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pest control applications. In 1999, TEMP-AIR received a patent for their heat treatment process for the remediation of stored product pests in food processing facilities.

What To Know About Heat Treatment

Minimal Preparations: Preparation for heat treatment is very simple and easy. Our trained technicians will completely review the process with you. You won’t have to empty your closets or dresser draws!

Green: Chemical-free, the use of heat treatment allows us to eliminate pests, including bed bugs. Heat treatment enables us to do this without using dangerous pesticides in your home.

Proving its Effectiveness: University studies were performed by:

Our Unique Treatment Process

In addition to bed bugs heat treatment, we also use our NESDCA Certified K9 team which offers the best bed bug dog detection service in Long Island to verify infestation. After the bed bug heat treatment, we bring our K9 teams back in to verify eradication. You no longer have to wait a month to see if the treatment has worked on pests, especially bed bugs.

Heat treatment has been utilized for many years in industrial plants for complete non toxic elimination of pests. Now, bed bugs heat removal is available to protect you and your family from bed bugs. We also use discreet unmarked vehicles.

Contact us today for a free bed bugs heat treatment review and estimate.