Bed Bugs Detection Dogs on Long Island

A&C Pest Management uses the gold standard in K9 Certified teams and provides top-notch K9 bed bug detection in Long Island. Each team (dog and handler) is highly trained by the foremost scent detection trainer, Pepe Peruyero who is a nationally recognized expert. Every team we deploy is certified by NESDCA, an organization that assures the highest quality standards of Scent Detection Canines, and act as an information resource center for the consumer and Pest Control Industry.

Highly Trained Bed Bugs Dog Detection Teams – Best on Long Island

When you use A&C Pest Management, you will experience one of the highest quality, highly trained bed bugs dog detection teams in the country. Our K9 teams are trained to locate only live bedbugs and viable eggs, quickly and efficiently. University tested, our teams are 95% accurate – the best in the industry.

A&C Pest uses multiple K9 teams to inspect multi-building dwellings efficiently and accurately, then eliminates them using bed bugs heat treatment (thermal remediation). We provide inspections in any location.

The famous Scout (pictured above), the best bed bugs dog detection K9 on Long Island, has been featured on Fox News.