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Cockroach Control in Long Island

The German cockroach is the most common cockroach species encountered by people in homes, apartments, restaurants and hotels. As cockroaches are nocturnal, the homeowner usually detects them during a trip to the kitchen for a late night snack; the light is flipped on and these bothersome pests head for cover. German cockroaches are easily distinguished from other roaches by the two dark stripes on the rear of the head. Adults have well developed wings but never fly. They are generally associated with food areas but can easily survive where no apparent food source is present. Where no live cockroaches are present, indicators of a previous infestation include the presence of cast skins shed during the molting process and small black specs of fecal matter in the corners of cabinets or other crack and crevices.

Dormant Period

The German cockroach has no dormant period and will remain active indoors throughout the year. However, the chance of delivery of these insects decreases during the winter months due to the fact that the cold temperatures in the rear of delivery trucks prevent rapid breading.


The most important aspect of cockroach damage derives from their habit of feeding and harboring in damp and unsanitary areas, such as sewers, garbage areas and unsanitary areas of kitchens and bathrooms. Filth and germs from these areas are spread onto food utensils, preparation surfaces, dishes, etc. Disease carrying organisms are carried on the legs of the cockroach and deposited on the surfaces they contact. These organisms cause several forms of gastroenteritis including nausea, vomiting, food poisoning, dysentery and other illnesses. The cast skins and fecal matter have also been known to cause asthma.

Cockroaches contaminate more food than they eat. Cockroaches produce odorous secretions from their bodies, which may affect the flavor of foods. When the level of infestation is high, these secretions produce a foul odor.


Due to the extremely broad diet of the German cockroach, it is virtually impossible to eliminate their food source completely. However, sanitation is still vital to long-term control. Any type of debris can be used as a harborage area for cockroaches to live and breed. Routine cleaning of floors is in some situations not enough. Kitchen areas require a much more thorough cleaning regiment.

The process of eliminating cockroach harborage areas greatly aids in the success of the overall program. By sealing all possible cracks or crevices in which cockroaches can live, the population is put under stress making them more vulnerable to traps, baits or other control measures.


In addition to developing a highly effective, and environmentally sound process, thermal remediation (bed bugs heat treatment), A&C Pest Management has established a unique elimination program designed especially for areas of high chemical sensitivity such as your home, office or business. All aspects of cockroach biology, life cycle, habits and reactions to pesticides have been considered. This program consists of five main steps: Inspection, Flush, Dust, Baiting, and Monitoring. The following is a brief description of each.

  • A thorough inspection is performed to establish any possible “hot spots” for pest activity or any areas in need of increased sanitation or maintenance.
  • All cracks, crevices and void areas in walls, ceilings and equipment are treated with pyrethrum, using the Micro-Injector, to flush insects from their harborage areas. The Micro-Injector allows a much smaller particle of pesticide to be carried deeper into the void areas and absorbed more rapidly by cockroaches.
  • These same areas are then treated with Boric Acid dust to insure elimination. Boric acid is used because cockroaches do not have the ability to become resistant as with other materials, it is non-repellent, and most importantly -once a void is dusted, nothing can live in it.
  • In office areas, where sensitive computer equipment is present, a baiting program will be initiated.
  • A complete monitoring program is then set up throughout all areas to provide even further information on the pest situation.

This service is designed to eliminate 95-98% of the existing cockroach infestation in your structure. Full preparation is necessary prior to this application in the form of the emptying of cabinets, shelves, etc. Be sure to ask if your building is in need of any unique preparation requirements. A monthly service plan is recommended after the initial service.

For more information on our cockroach control services and to schedule an appointment, contact us today. View our other pest control services to see how we can help you.