Zika Fact Sheets

From the authorities

A&C Pest has created the Zika Resource Center to help our community. The World Health Organization, along with the Center for Disease Control are providing the public with the information to help us protect ourselves and each other.


The Zika Virus 

Are we at risk of being exposed to this virus?

Reports are coming from across the nation, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and New York, reports of confirmed cases of humans with the Zika virus. In case you are not familiar, the Zika virus is an emerging disease worldwide that is primarily spread by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes....

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Let's Help Ourselves

How to protect against Zika

We don't have to stay inside this summer, in fear of the mosquito. There are measures we can take to reduce mosquito populations, and take back our yards this summer.

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