Wildlife Control Long Island

Raccoons, Opossum, Squirrels and More

A&C Pest Management offers wildlife management services for commercial and residential locations. Our homes and offices encroach into wooded areas, offering opportunity for nuisance wildlife to seek refuge in attics and crawlspaces. These animals can pose health and safety risks once they have created harborage sites, A&C Pest Management's Wildlife services are the solution:

  • Humane removal of squirrels, raccoons, opossum, birds and more
  • Exclusion recommendations to block points of entry
  • Restoration of peace of mind for you and your family

A&C Pest Management will inspect and assess your wildlife problems, offer treatment solutions, and answer any questions you may have. We offer services for these pests and more:

For more information on Long Island Wildlife Control contact A&C Pest Management.

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