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Wildlife Control & Removal Services Long Island

Raccoons, Opossum, Squirrels, Birds, Bats and Other Wildlife

Have Wildlife Problems in Your Home or on Your Property?

Wildlife is a wonderful thing to observe and appreciate in forests, parks and other areas that make up their natural habitat. But when these amazing, wild creatures take up residence in and around your home and family, it’s time for them to vacate the premises immediately.

A&C Pest Management is a full-service pest control company that offers wildlife control and removal services for commercial and residential locations on Long Island. Our homes and offices encroach into wooded areas, offering opportunity for nuisance wildlife to seek refuge in attics and crawlspaces. These animals can pose health and safety risks once they have created harborage sites. A&C Pest Management's Wildlife services are the solution by:

  • humane removal of squirrels, raccoons, opossum, birds, bats and more;
  • exclusion recommendations to block points of entry;
  • restoration of peace of mind for you and your family.

Safe and Effective Wildlife Control for Your Home

A&C Pest Management will inspect and assess your wildlife problems, offer treatment solutions, and answer any questions you may have. We offer wildlife control and removal services for these pests and more:

Bats - It is not recommended that you try to remove or kill bats yourself as it is dangerous and potentially illegal. A&C Pest Management is equipped to handle bats; our experts know how to navigate the processes necessary to find and then remove the bats. Using smart, humane techniques, we get the bats out of your house and take extra precautions to prevent injuries to people and the bats. Learn more about our bat control and removal services.

Birds - It is difficult and dangerous to attempt to remove a bird on your own as they have strong beaks and will attack if they feel threatened. If you find a bird in your home or building, contact A&C Pest Management. Our staff is trained and prepared to handle your bird problem safely and humanely with relocation strategies that encourage birds to live outdoors. Learn more about our bird control & removal services.

Opossums - These animals have become accustomed to living in rural and suburban areas, and will seek food and shelter anywhere. To ensure everyone's safety, if you suspect that you have opossum activity in your home, contact A&C Pest Management. Never attempt to capture them on your own. Our professional wildlife experts are trained and prepared to handle your opossum problem. Learn more about our opossum control & removal services.

Raccoons - If you suspect that you have raccoon activity in your home, it's best to contact A&C Pest Management. Raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they are protecting their young. For everyone’s safety, never attempt to capture a raccoon on your own. A&C Pest Management’s trained wildlife pros are ready to handle your raccoon problem safely and humanely. Learn more about our raccoon control & removal services.

Squirrels – Active and noisy, squirrels can be very difficult to get rid of once they have established a nest in your home. If you suspect that you have squirrels in your home, it's time to contact A&C Pest Management. Do not attempt to capture a squirrel on your own. A&C Pest Management can relocate these cute but annoying and destructive little pests, safely and efficiently. Learn more about our squirrel control & removal services.

If you would like to learn more about our wildlife control and removal services, want to schedule a FREE Consultation, or need to schedule an appointment, contact A&C Pest Management today!

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