Celebrate Earth Day with Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System!


There is a termite treatment that is "green"? Yes! It's called Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System, and it helps protect our planet by using environmentally sound methods of eliminating termite colonies and protecting your home. 

Termites cause over $5 million in damage every year, and now is the time to protect your home from them. A&C Pest Management is one of the few Certified Sentricon* Specialists in the area, part of our promise to maintain environmentally friendly business practices that are effective and affordable.

Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System will:

  • Attract and eliminate existing termite colonies
  • Prevent future damage to your home
  • Give you Peace of Mind
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Trouble with Termites?

You are not alone! Did you know, that in 1996 there were termites at The Statue of Liberty? That's right! Lady Liberty herself had trouble with termites, and one year later the site was completely termite free. They used a system of bait stations, installed into the ground. This system completely eliminates the colony, queen termite and all. And since then, the same system has been preventing termites at The White House, The U.S. Capitol, Monticello, Graceland and more...

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Is it an Ant or a Termite?

So it's getting warm out (hooray!) and as you are busy putting away the snow boots, and breaking out the flip flops, you see something flying around......Ahhhh! What is it? There's another! And another! It looks like a swarm! But....is it an ant or a termite?

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