Some Do’s and Don’ts for Coping

They’re named for the foul, ‘smelly-feet’-like odor they secrete when crushed or even just disturbed.  Because of that, they have few natural enemies in the wild.  And because of that, they are spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. since first arriving from the Far East as a crop pest in the late 1990s.

Now they are becoming more than just a nuisance in agricultural areas.  Like other insects, they respond to seasonal changes by seeking shelter in structures like your house.  So, this winter, don’t be surprised to find foul new tenants that are shaped like shields and are a ½ to ¾ inch long.

Stink bugs won’t bite, raid your pantry or munch clothing.  And they are not known to breed indoors.  But they do present one major problem:  they stink big time.   In a home setting, their odor lingers long past the time they are gone or dead, because it clings to whatever the insect touches.

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